• Dean Markley Artist Transducer Kit PICKUP #3030

Dean Markley Artist Transducer Kit PICKUP #3030

Dean Markley
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Artist Transducer Kit(TM)


Dean Markley Product Image



The Dean Markley Transducer Kit allows for the

 permanent invisible, inside mounting of the

 Artist Transducer Pickup. A special hot glue

formula makes the Artist Kit the very best inside

 permanent-mount pickup system available today.

The Experience

“You look pathetic--like a puppy in a pet store window, hoping to be picked.”

My wife was teasing me again. She knows I always get excited when a new guitar is going to be delivered.
Yes, I wait at the window. But not the whole time. I do take a break to fix myself something to eat--or to get on the computer to check the tracking number again.

I tried explaining, but she just doesn’t understand when I say that this guitar is special. She says I say that about every new guitar--and maybe she’s right. But this guitar really is going to be special.

This time, I was able to choose a guitar based solely on its sound, instead of worrying about whether or not it already had a pickup installed. I discovered Dean Markley’s Artist Transducer Kit, which makes for an easy, invisible installation inside the guitar. No more unsightly cut-outs or knobs on the side of my beautiful guitar--just pure acoustic tone.

I already have the Kit… and the guitar to put it in should be here any minute now.

“Are you sure they deliver on Sundays?” my wife asked, grinning.

For a moment, I was in a panic. Nobody delivers on Sundays. Then I remembered that I had taken the day off from work so I could be home when the guitar arrived--today was Wednesday, not Sunday.

She almost got me on that one.

Aren’t you tired of being teased when it comes to acoustic pickups? Dean Markley’s Artist Transducer Kit--for people who are serious about acoustic tone.

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